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With the Coronavirus Pandemic making it temporarily impossible to perform for a live audience, The Academy has developed new workshops in radio/blogs, film & video production, designing and editing.  Our professional intensive acting classes, including voice, movement, audition, and production of great contemporary and classical scripts and monologues will be taught as we hit the ground running.  2020-2021 is going to be an exciting and unique foray into the wide world of film, television and streaming technology and acting for the camera.  All productions will be streamed over the internet.  Students will begin to develop their ‘reel”.


Please note that all the information on this page is subject to change should any significant developments occur regarding the coronavirus.



Congrats, you made it through the summer and have bravely born the masks and social distancing.   


We JUST yesterday received official word that the Academy is going to be virtual for the 1st quarter.   In extensive talks with Tom, Ben and the School Administration we all feel this is the best course of action and, as such, we do have some exciting plans for the upcoming school year.  

The Big News is that we still plan to do eight productions as always, but they will be video, short movies, radio plays and video musical reviews.  PLEASE attend the orientation and have your questions ready.  

Summer Orientation Meeting for Students and Parents

We will be holding a virtual orientation session for both JUNIORS and SENIORS on Wednesday, August 26 at 7:00 pm.  Please make every effort to attend as this will be your chance to meet with your fellow students learn about how Chagrin Schools’, The Academy’s and Excel TECC’s plans to negotiate the safety issues of the Coronavirus.  You will learn about the 2020-2021 curriculum, production plans and the Academy Handbook Guide.  Monica Asher, principal of Chagrin Schools, will also be in attendance.

I know that live theatre is the optimal training ground for starting your study at the Academy,  but know that the staff is dedicated to making this a wonderful year for you just the same.  A lot of the success of this year will be dependent on the effort you put in.   This is a chance for you to shine... depending, of course, on your work ethic and your passion for learning.

Enjoy your last few weeks and I (we all!) look forward to seeing you (online) soon!

Tom (and Ben)

2020- 2021 Season

On line classes begin August 31.*

All Shows Subject to Change

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Directed by Thomas Q. Fulton, The Academy is a college preparatory Excel TECC program for high school juniors and seniors from eleven area high schools districts: Solon, Aurora, West Geauga, Orange, Beachwood, Mayfield, Brush, Richmond Heights and Chagrin Falls High Schools. Most recently, Willoughby South and Eastlake North were added to the program. The Academy is an accredited, half-day performing arts program. We offer both an acting/performance track and a technical theatre/design track.

"Theatre changes hearts.  That secret place where we all truly live"

  Terrance McNally - American Playwright, librettist and screenwriter -              

Uma Singh (Alum,2017) as
ALDONZA in the Academy
production of MAN OF LA MANCHA - 
October - 2016

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