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If you’re serious about theatre … this training is invaluable.  It’s thrilling to see how accessible the teachings of Stanislavski become, how they aren’t reserved for a chosen few - how useful they are.  How closely and personally Tom works with you, meeting and addressing your individual needs – how perceptive he is.  It’s informed my work on hundreds of levels.  …  I feel I can be a greater asset.

Luke Wehner (Class of 2010)

The knowledge I have gained in my studies here have affected who I am as an actor.  The Academy is a safe place to explore and discover.  Here you work with other passionate individuals.  By the end of the year, I guarantee every student will call the Academy their home.  The Academy has exposed me to more forms of theatre and classic plays that I imagined before.  It helped me to be able to put into words what I always knew theatre was – an art form that can transform the world.  The Stanislavski work and sensory work has affected my approach to acting altogether and has challenged me to take that next step in every role I play in the theatre.

Julia Schonberg (Class of 2009)

The Academy is so much more than kids goofing around reading lines.  You learn to understand yourself more and your emotions.  It’s been life changing.  My view of the theatre, my view of the future have been expanded.  I’ve realized I love stage acting above film.  I’ve found a new way to connect to shows and a new knowledge that affects the way I watch shows.

Derrick Hann (Class of 2010)

I would say that if you want to improve on a certain area of performing arts or just improve on your overall acting, this is the place for you.  This is where you can get real world experiences without actually being thrown out on your own.  I have been supported 100% by Tom and my classmates.  I’m not scared to experiment with who I am here.  This is the most important step towards acting that I’ve taken so far. I have been opened up to the Stanislavski theory. . .  and I absolutely love it.

Frances Furnas (Class of 2010)

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