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Week Three  (Mon-Fri April 6-10)

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Picturing the Moment

The Exercise:  
In the eighteenth century, scenes from Shakespeare's plays became a popular subject for artists, taking over in popularity for scenes from the Bible and classical mythology.  In many ways these paintings in the hands of master artists provide an encompassing vision of a moment in the scene.  


Stanislavski insisted  actors,  must not only become masters of their craft, but also have a wide and varied knowledge of fine art, classical music, new and popular music, dance, sculpting, and opera.  Paintings can give us tremendous inspiration if we examine them closely.  That's what this exercise is about.


Some research and leg-work will be necessary preparation


  1. To the right and below are seventeen paintings that capture the essence of a scene from one of Shakespeare's plays.  

  2. Pick one of the paintings.  They are numbered.  

    • Do a close examination of the clues. in the painting.  

    • Identify the play, the act and scene the painting depicts.  (i.e. Henry IV, Act I, Scene 2)  

      • If you have trouble identifying the play or scene, send me an e-mail.  I'll give you a couple of clues.


Answer the following Questions