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Production Practicum

Clarity is everything. At the Academy, students work in two different environments:  The classroom, where process is of paramount concern; and in performance, where final product takes precedence.  Both aspects of the training are vital to the growth of the young actor.  

In our curriculum description, you will see the wide range of classes we use to challenge the student to push beyond their comfort zone.  It is this knowledge our students bring to rehearsal and performance to practice the art of bringing it all to life - to making it clear, precise and well presented.

The Academy produces 8 fully mounted shows  a year.  We do this to give many opportunities to our yearly ensembles, but also provide the students a wide range of experience with the kaleidoscope of world theatre.  Our training and our play choice is primarily classic;  that is we tend to work on plays that have stood the test of time and have challenged actors ever since they were written.  

Every year, we produce one or two musicals and the rest  of the season is composed of plays by Shakespeare, Chekhov, Williams, Miller, Hellman, Inge, and many other great writers for the stage.  

When our students graduate from the Academy, their resumes contain an impressive array of work both on stage and off (in class scene work) of the greatest plays in the world.  Because of this preparation, our students are miles ahead of others who have not had the benefit of this program.

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