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The performance track educates young artists and endows them with confidence and skill to perform. We train actors to take any style of theatre and make it believable. The Actor has three primary concerns: mind, will and feelings. If the first two are properly engaged, the third (feelings) will come of their own accord. We study to develop imaginary circumstances that seem entirely believable - from the joyous, larger-than-life realm of musical theatre to the grand, soulful world of Shakespeare to the naturalistic milieu of Anton Chekhov. We begin with the senses, teaching the body to respond to imaginary circumstances that have been build solely from the imagination. From there we work to shape the expression with physical grace, vocal beauty and technical expertise.

This course of study will arm students with many employability skills that will allow them to successfully pursue further study or a career in theater or any other industry. These skills, like the confidence to stand in front of a group of people unashamedly and speak one's truth or the deepened ability to 

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