Advanced Design Elements and Principles

Instructor - Ben Needham

Teacher of Record - Cody Swanson

Course Objective:

The course will build upon the Design Elements and Principles first presented in the Into to Design course.  By using the principles and elements of design we will explore how they are utilized in everyday elements to manipulate the viewers perception and convey an idea, mood, emotion and story.   Students will complete a series of weekly projects that will help reinforce their understanding of the design elements.  Below is the link to the handout to refresh yourself with what the Elements and Principals are.

Each assignment should be submitted on Friday before the online class meeting (9am Jrs, 1pm Srs).  You will submit to the shared course folder on Google Drive.  Please submit EXACTLY as requested in each assignment (names/materials/etc...)

Week of March 16

Assginment #1 - Elements and Principles Review

Using the link above take 7 original photos showing the 7 elements of design.  Take also 7 photos showing the principles of design.  You will turn in a total of 14 photos in the google drive folder for Assignment #1 in the folder with YOUR name on it.  Please name the files your name and the element/principle that you are presenting in the image.   For example the file name could be SophiaMadge_Repition.jpg (thanks Sophia for being the example).   See these examples for a sample of what I am looking for.   Please shoot these in/around your locations.  You do NOT need to go out in public to make this happen.   Practice your social distancing.  Be Creative.  Effort is as important as quality.  Take your time, focus the picture to best capture the element/principal you are presenting.

Samples of images for project

See Sample File Names!








14 points (1 per image) being completed on time, properly named, and submitted in proper folder on google drive.

28 points (2 pts per image) for the quality of the image, effort shown and proper understanding of the elements/principles of design.

Total points available: 42

Late assignments will loose 10% of their total points each day it is submitted late (including weekends)

DUE ON MARCH 20th Prior to Class Time


 Turn in at the google drive location below:


Week of March 23