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Streaming Beginning March 29

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Macbeth Preview

Pandemic makes strange bedfellows:  

MACBETH, Shakespeare & Zoom

The Academy was just starting rehearsals for Macbeth last April 2020 when the Pandemic hit. 

It was to be a final challenge to put into play all the training the students had over the past two years;  from Stanislavski to Shakespeare.  We couldn't just leave them all hanging for the last two months of their high school experience.

So, in spite of having, at the time,  no professional equipment to shoot film, we took a risk and recorded our production on Zoom.  That way we could rehearse and perform without worrying about masks or social distancing.  What you are about to see is a play, whose actors were filmed independently of each other.  --from their own bedrooms or living rooms or cars or basements.


We finished rehearsing and recording in early June 2020.    Since then, we have been editing the play.  We asked one our 2021 seniors to assist in the editing. Sam Roter was designated as lead editor and the Academy Director, Tom Fulton, served as assistant editor.


We have taken the individual performances, combined them, edited them and created enhanced backgrounds and music to tell the story.   Because we were unable to perform live theatre, last fall (2020)  we acquired professional studio equipment for both film, streaming plays, radio plays, and blog creation. This Macbeth was created with Zoom, iPhones and Computer cameras and mics.  We are calling this hybrid form of theatre "An Enhanced Reading".  We started to think of it as a kind of graphic novel, but with video, sound, and musical score. 


Our production will be presented in two parts.  Each about 55 minutes long.  You  may choose to watch with or without subtitles.


Please check back here - or look to FaceBook - to get the link to Macbeth between March 29 and April 10.  There is no charge for the performance and you can watch it all at once or in pieces at your leisure.

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