Macbeth Online

OK folks.  Here we go.  RULES OF THE ROAD

I've never done this before.  Neither have you.

  • BE PROFESSIONAL:  You know how to present yourselves professionally on this virtual platform.

  • BE TIMELY:  Show up early - 5 minutes early. Our time is VERY Short.

  • COSTUMES & MAKEUP:  This will be a modern dress reading, but you should have your hair and outfit be inspired by the era (11th Century) and character. Use your own makeup.  No theatrical makeup.  

  • Check this page out - To the right: "Modern Medieval Attire"
                          Anything loosely in this vein will do just fine. 


  • VIEW THE SHORT PRESENTATION TO THE RIGHT:  "Sample Zoom Performance of the song "You've Got a Friend".

  • VIEW THE PREVIEW OF "LIPS TOGETHER, TEETH APART" below with Zachary Quinto. Lips Together, Teeth Apart is a play by American playwright Terrence McNally. The play, which premiered Off-Broadway in 1991, concerns two straight couples who spend a weekend in a gay community


  • QUIET REHEARSALS:  Choose a quiet area that has minimal background noise, no pets,, no brothers and sisters, no background movement.

  • BACKGROUNDS: We will be experimenting with backgrounds.  At each scene rehearsal, an appropriate background will be sent to you.  Applying it to your background is simple.  I will show you how when we meet.

  • CAMERA POSITION:  Be sure to position your web camera and monitor at eye level so you can look into the camera and simulate that eye-to-eye connection with other attendees. 

  • GOOD LIGHTING:  Prepare decent lighting. Try to find natural light by a window - but not direct sunlight.  Do not have light behind you.  Use another lamp to fill in any shadows.


  • SOLID PREPARATION:  Know how to best handle your moments of preparation and presentation.

  • COMMUNION:  Do your best to be in communion with your scene partner, despite not begin able to directly interact....