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The Academy and Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The Academy for the Performing Arts is a program of Excel-TECC and is hosted by Chagrin Falls High School in their beautiful facilities including a 765 seat proscenium theatre and a 100 seat thrust. 

All students of the Academy are bussed or may drive to school each day.  Even though students spend half their day at the Academy, they still graduate from their home school.

Chagrin Falls is one of the top-achieving school districts in the state, featured by Newsweek magazine as one of the "Best High Schools" in America.

The Chagrin Falls School District serves approximately 2,000 students in their three school locations: Gurney School (Grades K-3), The Intermediate School (Grades 4-6), and the 7-12 Campus consisting of the Middle School (Grades 7-8) and the High School (Grades 9-12). The two schools are connected, sharing, among other things, outstanding music and art facilities and an advanced technology lab, yet maintaining a separation of the student bodies.  

The school is located just a short distance from Chagrin Falls, one of Ohio's most scenic villages, replete with great restaurants, shops, and the famous Popcorn Shop at the corner of Main street and Bell just above the falls. Chagrin Falls Schools can be thought of as an example of expectations coinciding with reality, with a community working hand-in-hand with the school system to achieve success, and where tradition counts. 

To learn more about The Chagrin Falls School System, please click here. 

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