Two Paths 

The Academy has two daily sessions. Juniors meet 7:45-9:45am. Seniors meet 12:45-2:20pm.


In the acting track, we teach the students to find their voice in performance. Through an exploration of Stanislavski's writings on acting technique, Shakespeare, a variety of movement classes, and more, students learn how to express themselves onstage with control, ease, and honesty.

**For actors, directors, singers, dancers, choreographers and playwrights**



As designers and technicians, we are responsible for creating the physical and visual world of the play, a world of scenery, lighting and costumes that transport the audience in time and location. We teach a variety of courses in both the design and execution of all areas of technical theatre. Our goal is to expose our students to future careers as designers and technicians in the entertainment industry.

**For set, costume, lighting and sound designers. For technical directors, stage managers, and all backstage skills required in the professional theatre.**